Our Mission

Phoji invented, developed and patented revolutionary technology allowing for the creation of a custom emoji from real media. Our SaaS technology increases engagement, improves personalization and drives action in digital and mobile communication. We plug in seamlessly, are easy to use and get results fast.

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Why We Started

Phoji’s were born when our founder’s daughter was sweating out her Varsity tennis tryouts. She kept sending him emojis and his thought was “I wish she could send her true emotions; her face, her thumbs up, etc” Thus, Phoji was hatched. Within 30 days after landing in the App Store, 10,000 consumers were using the original mobile app creating, saving and sending Phojis. Soon thereafter, all of the potential B to B applications began to emerge. Companies, teams, and organizations were seeking the ability to use Phojis in their existing mobile apps, emails, and team collaboration platforms – so the pivot was on! Phojis are now more flexible than ever before, and ready to transform the way companies and teams collaborate.

The Phoji Team

Jon Christensen
President & Chief Executive Officer

Jon has spent his entire 30 year career in the technology space. Phoji represents his second SaaS start up, and the second early stage company where he has served in a leadership role. Jon also had leadership roles at Inacom, Hewlett Packard and EMC. Jon is a graduate of Gustavus Adolphus College.

Rick Jennings
Chief Technology Officer

For the past 15 years, Rick has provided CTO leadership for technology-enabled companies using proprietary software platforms. Rick’s areas of specialty include software engineering, high-availability technical architecture, technology platform operations, and customer services. Rick has an Engineering Degree from the University of Texas and a Management degree from Stanford.

Ross Caleca
VP, Product Management

Over the last 8 years Ross has provided technology and operations leadership and advising roles for early growth start-ups and established technology enabled companies. Areas of focus are process management and reengineering, product management, and incorporation of data analytics into business workflows and offerings. Ross holds a B.S. in Biology from the UCSD, and an MBA from the Rady School of Management at UCSD.

Andy Gaskell
VP, Development

Andy has been actively architecting and developing technical platforms for the last 20 years.  With a wide technical skillset, Andy prioritizes business objectives in application design.  His expertise in cloud architecture has lead to successful scaling of modern, high-demand applications.  Andy holds a B.S. of Computer Science

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Our Board & Advisors

Jon Christensen
President & CEO
Phoji, LLC

Jay Coatta
O2 Design

Scott Honour
Managing Partner
Northern Pacific Group

Rob Robertson
President & CEO

Thomas Oslund
O2 Design

Laura Radewald
President & CEO
Hi-Per Inc.

John Culliton
Vice President
Smith Geiger

Michael Becker
Managing Partner
Identity Praxis, Inc.

The Minnesota Angel Tax Credit is an innovative program hosted by State of Minnesota DEED providing qualified investors a 25% rebate on investments in qualified high tech companies that have primary operations in the state of Minnesota. The program has provided a significant boost in high tech startups with regard to initial fundraising and continued growth. The investment funds sought by tech start ups are typically used for research and design, product development and initial staffing. Phoji is a leading provider in the program.