Use Phojis Your Way

Transform traditional messages and text into a modern, customized experience your community expects.

Include Phojis that are relevant on a 1-to-1 or 1-to-many user basis that are made from Real Media to make your message standout.

What is Real Media? Phojis can be created from Real Images of people, products and more, rather than cartoon images designed by a device manufacturer.

Slide the arrows left and right see a message with and without Phojis.


Most companies use an email campaign solution to communicate with large groups of consumers. With Phoji’s SaaS technology, you can use information you know about your users to create a Phoji relevant to the individual or group. By creating this next level of customization, you increase your odds of click-through rates to a destination you control.

Phoji is able to export Phojis or full messages to be used in modern email campaign systems. Contact Us to learn more!

Mobile Applications

Mobile applications are a key format for companies to interact with consumers today. Our SaaS technology enables you to insert Phojis into your mobile app and into your mobile push notifications.

Improve engagement and interaction with your application’s content and attract users to click through to your app from a notification with customized Phoji content that is relevant to them.

Messaging Platforms

Messaging platforms have become a core application type for personal and business use. Phojis can enhance your own application, letting users make their own emojis to share, or integrate your commercial chat platform to let your teams better interact with one another.

Phojis can improve the way people communicate through text by providing message context, making messages personal and attaching actions to the Phojis.

Phojis are extremely flexible and can be used just about anywhere you want!

Want to create Phojis in your own application? You can license Phoji’s proprietary technology today!