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Reach loyal fans

Connect to your brand fans! Deliver interactive content including offers, polls, audio, video and pictures direct to their mobile device.

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Start a more engaging conversation

Connect with Your Consumers

  • Delivers rich media right in the line of text; No need for attachments or links
  • Provides the capability to deliver promotions to your consumers
  • Include multiple photos in
    one message

Phoji Provides

  • Turn-key broadcaster account set-up
  • Dedicated account management support
  • Campaign support
  • Best practices
  • Broadcast message analytics

Broadcasts are not mass unwanted advertising

Broadcasting allows you to build brand loyalty with super fans who are actively following you!

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Analyze your Broadcasts

Receive timely and robust analytics on the level of engagement with your campaigns.

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Broadcaster messages are great for all
types of businesses

AND for all types of
groups and personalities

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