What Is Phoji?


Phoji is a patented cloud-based web app that enables you to create custom photo-based emojis that deliver rich media such as audio, video, coupons and polls. Phojis can be embedded in existing apps, push notifications, emails, and more.

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Phojis Are Being Used By

Big brands, business teams, and sports teams to increase engagement, communicate more effectively, and drive desired actions.

The Patented Phoji Web App Enables You To

Communicate more efficiently with phoji-embedded messages that drive action

Create a shared language and deeper connections across distributed teams

Complement your brand voice with your unique digital body language

Creating Phojis Is Simple

Upload Your Content

Either through the Phoji API or the Phoji.App application, upload real media, individual files or in bulk, to Phoji.

Take Your Phojis Pro

A Promoji is a Phoji that allows one-tap access to a hyperlink, image, video, or poll

Our tool makes it easy to build and insert Promojis into your messages.

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See how Phojis can be leveraged in your emails, mobile app, and other types of platforms

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